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Well into our 22nd year of successful experience and excellence in resume writing and counseling!

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Resumes are $50.00 + PA sales tax. This includes initial interview and counseling, writing of the resume, 15 copies of your resume, and 5 copies of your references. I have found that it is much more convenient and far less costly to you to offer my services at this price, and provide 15 resumes, rather than charge you $100 to $200, give you 100 copies of your resume and send you out the door. If your phone number changes or something else changes, you are stuck with worthless resumes. If you need more copies of your resume, I charge you what it costs me for toner and paper, $.20 per page.

Cover letters are an additional $5.00 + PA sales tax per cover letter. This includes writing of the cover letter, one (1) resume, a large mailing envelope, printed labels, and postage.

Word Processing (typing) is a flat $2.75 per page. Double spaced, 1.25" margins. This includes two originals of work. If you should need more copies, it is only $.20 per page.

If you already have a resume and just need it re-typed and re-formatted, with minor changes in address, phone number, or jobs, the fee is $30.00 + PA sales tax, and includes 15 copies.

Additionally, I keep everything on disks for my computer and can change your resume at any time. There is no charge for minor alterations, only $.20 per page for copies. There is a fee for a major overhaul and the fee will be determined by how much work needs to be done.

What many of my clients do, after they have a resume done, is see an ad in the newspaper or receive information about a job from someone, and then call me with the particulars. I write the cover letter, print the resume and labels, and have everything ready and waiting when they arrive at my office. All they have to do is sign the cover letter and drop it in the mail.

Resumes are done by appointment only. Feel free to call at any time and I will be glad to set up an appointment.

I will also fax and/or e-mail resumes to prospective employers if you wish, at no charge.

Prices subject to change without notice.



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