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t Markiewicz Personal Services, located in Derry (West Derry), on the corner of Summit Street and West Fourth Avenue (RT 217), we prepare individual and small business income taxes, file both federal and state taxes electronically, write resumes, and prepare payroll. I started this business in the summer of 1989, and it was initially just resume writing and income tax preparation. I began filing taxes electronically in my second year, and am an authorized IRS e-file provider.

The first year I prepared taxes I did around 35 returns. The first year I filed electronically I filed 2 returns. In 2010, I prepared over 1820 tax returns and filed the same number of returns electronically! Quite an increase! Compare my prices, services, and customer care with any of the competition, and you will see why my business has grown so dramatically.

Additionally, in 2001, due to requests from several of my tax customers, I began a payroll service for small businesses.

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